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The following schemes are now closed:


Fly-tipping is a blight that contaminates the countryside causing harm to wildlife.  It is a nuisance and potential harm to local communities and a substantial cost to local authorities, farmers and land owners who are left with the responsibility of clearance.

Interested stakeholders were invited to make an application demonstrating a proposal to achieve one or more of the following outcomes:

  1. A reduction in reports of fly-tipping.
  2. Increase in enforcement action.
  3. Increased cope and recovery outcomes for victims.

Applications closed on 4th October 2021.

Coronavirus Relief Fund

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic the PCC introduced a dedicated fund available to local Parish Council community groups who had enlisted volunteers to provide assistance to vulnerable people in their area. The fund closed on 30th June 2020.

Safer Roads Fund (SRF)

The Safer Roads Fund (SRF) was for innovative proposals outside of existing statutory remits, whether through education, engineering or enforcement. The aim was to reduce the harm and heartache caused by a road traffic collision by preventing incidents and the resultant casualties. The £350,000 SRF was available to the public and third sector in West Mercia. Private Commercial Enterprise, Community Interest Companies and not for profit businesses were considered for funding providing that it could be demonstrated that the project is a charitable activity, has public benefit and is consistent with the PCC’s grant scheme terms and conditions.

Tier 2 Grant – Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)

“Provision of specialised support to those at risk of, or identified as being a victim of, Child Sexual Exploitation”

In May 2018, John Campion sought applications covering (Herefordshire, Shropshire and Worcestershire) which provide a seamless pathway of support for victims and those identified at risk and raises awareness of the services and support available through partners and key agencies.

Tier 2 Grant 13-16 years

During February/March 2017, we ran an open grant round which was focused on creating a diversionary referral pathway across West Mercia for young people aged 13-16 years. This grant round is closed and the successful applicants are included in the 2017/18 spreadsheet above.

Tier 2 Grant Young Drivers

During February/March 2017, we ran an open grant round which was focused on developing a programme of activity across West Mercia to target young people under 17 years of age. This grant round is closed and the successful applicants are included in the 2017/18 spreadsheet above.

In addition to the Community Ambassadors grants, there were two funding routes in 2016 -17 for third sector organisations to meet outcomes within the Police and Crime Plan. The two routes were:

 Tier 1 Grants

The final tier 1 grant round of 2016-17 in West Mercia was open during February 2016.  This funding stream was designed to meet one of the Force Alliance strategic priorities; including Child Sexual Exploitation, Rape and Sexual Assault, Domestic Abuse.

Tier 2 Grants

The first of the Tier 2 Grant funding rounds for 2015 was open during the summer, closing at the end of August. This funding stream is designed to capture specific outcomes that meet identified key priorities throughout West Mercia.