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One of the key elements of PCC John Campion’s role is to be the voice of the people and hold West Mercia Police to account. He is responsible for the totality of policing.

It is the PCC’s aim to cut crime and deliver an effective and efficient police service making sure that the police force is answerable to the communities they serve. He does this by holding the chief constable and the force to account through the ‘holding to account’ process, which includes monthly sessions with the Chief Constable, Pippa Mills.

The PCC’s ‘holding to account’ sessions takes place every month and the PCC sets a timetable for these for a 12 month period. The programme and themes chosen for the holding to account sessions are informed by the PCCs priorities in his Safer West Mercia Plan, or emerging issues (like Covid-19 enforcement) and longer term trends.  These meetings present the PCC with the opportunity to monitor the performance of the force in various areas and, where there is a need for improvement, to make sure that the force has a coherent plan to implement these.  

Once every six months in December and July these meetings are ‘public’ meetings. The meeting in December typically focuses on the budget, and the one in July will vary depending on the current policing priorities and themes. These public meetings present an opportunity for members of the public to submit questions for John Campion to put to the Chief Constable.


Have a question about keeping West Mercia’s Roads Safe?

On Tuesday 28th June 2022, your Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion will be putting your questions to the West Mercia Police Chief Constable, Pippa Mills, live on Facebook: @WestMerciaPCC 

“It is the Commissioners role to hold the Chief Constable to account, giving you a voice at the highest level.”

How will it work?

Questions must be focused on West Mercia’s Roads.

Do you have a concern around speeding in your area? Do you want to know more about the ’20 is plenty’ campaign or interested in mini police officers for your local school. Are you interested in what is being done about illegal parking on zigzags and double yellow line?

Your Police and Crime Commissioner can put these questions, and more, to your Chief Constable. 

There are three ways you can get involved:

  • Submit a question in advance: Send us an email [email protected] before 12 noon on Tuesday 28th June. Please include your name, home town and contact details with your question.
  • Get involved live:  On Tuesday 28th June the meeting will be livestreamed on Facebook, follow us @WestMerciaPCC to watch from 6:00pm
  • We know you have busy lives so in case you miss the livestream watch it back afterwards on Facebook: @WestMerciaPCC
  • To keep it fair for everyone to ask a question, the following will apply:
  • Primarily the questions will be asked by the PCC to the Chief Constable, on behalf of the public, although some questions directly for the PCC will be welcomed.  
  • Unless you ask to remain anonymous, your first name and home town will be read out during the livesteam.
  • Questions will be limited to one per person, and each question must be no more than 100 words.

Questions and statements may be redirected if:-

Insufficient detail has been provided to enable a proper response to be provided

It does do not relate to policing in your community

It is defamatory, frivolous or offensive

It is substantially the same as a question which has been put at a meeting in the past six months; or is being asked by another member of the public. (Read minutes from previous holding to account meetings here:

  • It requires the disclosure of confidential or exempt information (for example if it relates to a current operational matter)

If this is the case we’ll give you the opportunity to rephrase or ask a different question.

  • Whilst we will endeavour to raise as many questions as possible, it may not be possible to answer all within the timeframe. Questions will be answered in the order that they are submitted, and we will still contact you with a response, outside of the public forum. 
  • Our privacy statement sets out details as to how we manage data:

Like to know more?

Drop us an email at [email protected]

Visit our website:

Find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: @WestMerciaPCC

Previous meetings

You can watch previous meetings via the links below, which will take you to the Facebook stream.

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January 2021: Police Budget

July 2020: Equality and Diversity

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June 2019: Rural Crime

Holding to Account

The Commissioner holds frequent ‘holding to account’ meetings with the Chief Constable. The minutes from these meetings are published and are available at this link.