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Key duties and responsibilities:

  1. To arrange custody visits with fellow custody visitors, in line with agreed schedules
    made by the Local Panel Co-ordinator.
  2. To keep the Local Panel Co-ordinator / Scheme Administrator and fellow custody
    visitors informed of any problems with scheduled custody visits.
  3. To carry out visits to designated custody suites in line with the scheme, ICVA
    Custody Visiting Code of Practice and your training.
  4. To check on the conditions in which detainees are kept, particularly regarding their
    health, well-being, rights and entitlements, with reference to PACE Codes of Practice

Code C. This will include:

  1. Clarifying and checking any concerns raised by the detainee, consulting the custody record where appropriate.
  2. Discussing with the Custody staff any concerns and requests arising from thecustody visit and bringing to the Custody Sergeants attention any mattersrequiring immediate attention.
  3. Completing the Independent Custody Visitor Report Form (eitherelectronically or on paper), ensuring that relevant information is recordedcorrectly, clearly and concisely.
  4. To notify the Panel Co-ordinator of issues that need to be escalated andbrought to the attention of the Scheme Administrator.
  5. To complete and submit expense claims in line with the scheme guidelines.
  6. To attend continuous professional development training events as requested by the
  7. To attend panel meetings of Independent Custody Visitors.
  8. To carry out the duties of an Independent Custody Visitor having due regard to the
    health and safety requirements of the Independent Custody Visiting Scheme.
  9. To notify the Panel Co-ordinator and the Scheme Administrator of any changes to
    your contact details as soon as practicable or any changes which may affect your
    ability to carry out your role impartially.
  10. Not to disclose details about any detainee you have spoken to, to any person, except
    those concerned with their detention.
  11. Not to disclose details of any person you have met in custody on social media, to the
    press or any other media outlet.