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I will ensure improved and more consistent services for the victims, survivors and witnesses who suffer most from crime.

I will ensure they get the right help to cope and recover at every point of their journey.

I will hold the Chief Constable to account for:

  • Making sure officers and staff have the skills to properly support victims and survivors and do so whenever necessary
  • Ensuring all victims and survivors who report an offence in West Mercia can access ‘Track my Crime’ or an alternative with equivalent capability.

As your Commissioner I will:

  • Work hard to put victims and survivors first
  • Set out my commitment in a new Victims’ Charter, clarifying what services victims can expect, and what services must be delivered
  • Set out my ongoing commitment in a new Victim and Witness Strategy, supported by a comprehensive delivery plan overseen by my Victims Board.
  • Complete a victims’ needs assessments to inform future commissioning intentions with a focus on victim, offenders and early intervention.
  • Bring together and help lead a new Victims Board to ensure better results and consistency.
  • Make sure victims and survivors get effective services, enabling them to cope and recover and reduce their chances of re-victimisation.
  • Work with government to further enhance services for victims, survivors and witnesses locally.
  • Work with government to further enhance services for victims and witnesses locally.
  • Work with partners and service providers to co-locate and provide a coherent and coordinated multi-agency response to victims
  • Use my role as PCC to influence the legislative agenda to secure sufficient funding for victim services
  • Ensure the victim voice is at the heart of all activity in relation to my role
  • Actively seek to engage with victims in the development of service provision
  • Support the appropriate use of restorative justice
  • Develop strategies based on evidence to support the delivery of my key aims and objectives, and ensure the commitments I set out in these strategies are followed through with activity

What I will deliver for West Mercia:

An enhanced and seamless approach to victim, survivor and witness care which will include:

  • An inclusive approach to commissioned services where all victims, survivors and witness are kept informed and receive tailored support
  • A seamless pathway of commissioned activity from my office, dovetailing where possible into existing provision from partner agencies increasing victim confidence
  • Achieving the right outcome for the victim and supporting more cases through the criminal justice system

Please also see the helping victims of crime section of the website.