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West Mercia Police is a professional, hard-working force that delivers a good service to its communities.

I will build on those foundations by transforming the organisation into a modern, innovative force, leading the way nationally and delivering even more locally.

It is imperative we give officers and staff the space, tools and skills to do an excellent job, whilst ensuring the best possible value for the taxpayer and service for our communities. I will ensure the money given for policing is spent as efficiently as possible before I ask our communities to pay more through council tax.

I will back the force with the investment and resources it needs to become more responsive to changing demands. In return for this freedom and support I will hold them robustly to account to ensure the police deliver the service our communities need to be safe and feel safe.

I will hold the Chief Constable to account for:

  • Ensuring the force transformation programmes deliver an effective and adaptable service which responds to the needs of our communities and the organisation
  • Ensuring the force makes a smooth transition from the alliance with Warwickshire
  • Delivering new fit for purpose technology and making best use of it
  • Ensuring the force has fit for purpose buildings and contact points which best meet the needs of local communities and the organisation
  • Delivering the Operations Communications Centre programme on time and on budget to improve force resilience
  • Making sure the force has the right contact channels for the public and that it provides the right response every time
  • Understanding, investing in and developing the force’s officers, staff and volunteers to make sure they are reaching their full potential
  • Properly investing in the workforce and developing staff
  • Achieving the uplift in additional officers and ensuring the workforce better reflects the demographic make up of our communities
  • Increasing the number of special constables and police volunteers, focusing on the contribution they make towards keeping communities safe
  • Working alongside public and third sector partners so that together they deliver a safer West Mercia
  • Ensuring there is strategic planning for the future of policing in West Mercia.

As your Commissioner I will:

  • Develop strategies based on evidence to support the delivery of my key aims and objectives, and ensure the commitments I set out in these strategies are followed through with activity
  • Ensure my Strategic Estates Plan is used to drive effective activity, focus and investment in the police estate both now and into the future
  • Support the health and wellbeing agenda within the force
  • Give leadership to the force and partners in forging new collaborations, at local, regional and national levels to deliver efficient and improved public services

Together the Chief Constable and I will:

  • Deliver service improvements and in doing so maximise the benefit to our communities in reducing crime and the causes of crime
  • Invest to save, so the force can be more adaptable and make best use of its resources
  • Monitor the National Specialist Capabilities Programme and respond to any changes arising from it
  • Join up services and commissioning with partners where there are operational and financial benefits
  • Aspire to a market leading support service for policing.

What I will deliver for West Mercia:

  • A modern, agile, more responsive police force which continues to deliver more locally
  • An efficient, commercially viable, fit for purpose police estate
  • Better infrastructure and development for West Mercia’s officers and staff to reach their potential whilst providing value for money for the public
  • A network of partner, public and third sector agencies working alongside the police to deliver a safer West Mercia.