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PCC John Campion has funded a further 10 electric bikes to provide greater accessibility and visibility of police officers in the community.

The 10 e-bikes will add to the already successful fleet of 20 currently in action across West Mercia serving the public and assisting with local policing. One of which has been kindly donated by the team at Raleigh.

These e-bikes will help officers cover greater distances and provide improved services to communities, all while benefiting the environment. In order to reach the most rural of communities in West Mercia, a mixture of both off road and hybrid bikes will be provided. Reducing the need for some officers to drive and making them more accessible to the local community.

PCC John Campion said: “The communities of West Mercia tell us time and time again that they want their police officers to be more visible and accessible. The addition of these new bikes will help to improve visibility in hard to reach communities, especially the rural ones.

“Officers on bikes have been an important part of policing for many years and by making investments in these more modern alternatives, will provide benefits to the communities of West Mercia as well as continuing my commitment to reduce the environmental impact of policing.”