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Record of Decisions

The Commissioner is required  to publish a record of all significant decisions made while carrying out his role and responsibilities under the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011.

Decision Archive

Decisions made prior to 2016 Police and Crime Commissioner elections in West Mercia, are archived and available upon request.

West Mercia Police and Crime Panel

The Police and Crime Commissioner is scrutinised by a police and crime panel (PCP) comprising fifteen representatives from the unitary, shire and district / borough councils in West Mercia and two independent members.

The PCP only has the powers to scrutinise the activities of the Commissioner, not the Chief Constable. The duties of the Panel include: requesting the Commissioner or any of his staff to attend a panel meeting; vetoing the Commissioners appointment of a new chief constable; vetoing the level of local tax (precept) and; making recommendations on the police and crime plan and the annual report.

Worcestershire County Council is responsible for the oversight and administration of the panel. Detail of panel members, meetings and reports etc can be found on County Council’s website.

Policing Protocol

The relationship between the Chief Constable, Police and Crime Panel and the Police and Crime Commissioner is governed by the Police Protocol Order 2011.