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On this page you can view decisions made by the Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion in 2023.

To view the summary document for each decision please see the table below.

Ref TitleDateAttachments
PCC/D/2023/01Funding for full Electricity Survey at Hindlip site16/01/2301 Record of decision – Funding for full Electricity Survey at Hindlip site
PCC/D/2023/02Redditch Combined Hub – Funding & Contractor16/01/2302 Records of decision – Redditch Combined Hub – Funding & Contractor
PCC/D/2023/03Proposal for Setting the Precept 2023-202423/01/2303 Records of decision- Proposal for Setting the Precept 2023-2024
PCC/D/2023/05FCIU capital equipment purchase 24/01/2305 Records of decision – FCIU capital equipment purchase