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It is the role of the PCC to be the voice of the public in policing.

The PCC regularly engages with the public both in person and online through drop-in sessions, Community Conversations, public engagements and public Assurance & Accountability meetings to seek the views of the public.

Opportunities to get involved in future consultations will be promoted on social media.

Consultations from 2021

Below is a comprehensive list of all the consultations and the outcomes since 2020:

(27 April- 11th July 2022 & 6th December 2022- 6th January 2023)

The purpose of this survey was to understand the views of the public on local policing, contact and engagement and crime and anti-social behaviour issues. This informs the PCC prior to firming up his budget proposals for 2023/4.  Read the consultation report here. Read more on the budget proposals here.

(August 9 2021 – November 1 2021)

This public consultation was held to help shape the draft Safer West Mercia Plan.  Read the final plan here.

(23rd February 2021 – 20th March 2021)

This consultation helped shape the Victim and Witness Strategy which sets out the PCC’s vision for improving outcomes for victims and witnesses.  Read the final strategy here.


Consultations from 2016 to November 2020

(5th October 2020 – 2nd November 2020)

Ahead of setting the budget and with the Covid pandemic placing an impact on the economy, and wider public finances, this survey asked people about their priorities, what it’s like in their community from a policing perspective, and in which areas of policing would they choose to spend more or less money.

A summary report can be found here.

(21st February 2020 – 20th March 2020)

The Road Safety Strategy sets out the PCC’s vision for reducing harm on the roads of West Mercia. The consultation enabled people to comment on the proposals.

You can read the final strategy here.

(6th January 2020- 24th January 2020)

This public consultation was to enable people to comment on the PCC’s budget proposals.

Precept consultation 2020/21 summary report

(10th October 2019- 8th November 2019)

A consultation was held on this strategy, which outlines how the Commissioner will:

  • Improve confidence that rural communities have in the police.
  • Ensure the financial resources he has committed to rural crime, provide a dedicated team within each policing area.
  • Ensure victims of crime in rural areas receive the support they need, and are not disadvantaged by their location.

You can read the final strategy and summary report here

(9th July 2019- 15th August 2019)

This consultation related to how, the PCC will deliver on his responsibilities in a policing and crime context, outlining how he will continue to actively work with local and national partners to embed a single whole-system approach to tackling Serious Organised Crime within West Mercia. You can read the final strategy and summary report here.

(7th March 2019 – 24th March 2019)

This consultation related to the PCC proposals to fulfil his duties and work with others to effectively tackle drug abuse in West Mercia. This shaped the final drugs strategy.

This public consultation was held to enable people to comment on the PCC’s proposal to increase the council tax precept.

Precept consultation 2018/19 summary report

(12th June – 11th September 2017)

This public consultation was held to enable people to comment on the PCC’s proposal to take on the roles of our two local Fire Authorities.

Consultation results, analysis and the PCC’s responses

For more information click here.

(9th – 23th January 2017)

This public consultation was held to enable people to comment on the PCC’s proposal to freeze the policing precept.

Precept consultation 2017/18 summary report


(3- 17 June 2016)

There were two versions of this survey, one for public and one for personnel with West Mercia Police. Both sought opinions on policing priorities to help inform the Safer West Mercia Plan. The Consultation is now closed but you can read a summary of the consultation results here:

Summary report on public survey

Summary report on police personnel survey

(May – July 2016)

The responses were used to form the Victim’s Charter