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Anti Fraud and Anti Corruption Strategy – Review has taken place in October 2023 with no revisions.

Allowance and Expenses Scheme (Scheme for the Police & Crime Commissioner and Deputy Police & Crime Commissioner) – Review has taken place in October 2023 with no revisions.

Code of Conduct (as applies to the Police & Crime Commissioner and the Deputy Police & Crime Commissioner)

Code of Conduct for staff within the OPCC

Financial Regulations

Gifts and Hospitality Policy (applies to the PCC, DPCC and all personnel within the OPCC). Click here to view the register.

Police Officer Pension Forfeiture Policy (sets out the policy to be followed for the forfeiture of police officer pensions)

Publication Scheme

Records Management Policy

Corporate Governance Framework

Unacceptable contact, correspondence and complaints policy Reviewed bi annual. Last reviewed 2023 (no revisions)

Whistleblowing Policy (Incorporates a Statement of handling of qualifying disclosures)

Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs)

No PIAs have been undertaken as part of the development of any of the PCCs policies. The PCC does however consider strategic risks and has an organisational risk register. The risk register is kept under review and subject to scrutiny by the Joint Audit Committee.