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The PCC allocates funding and commissions services through the annual grant funding from the Ministry of Justice (MoJ).

At a national level, the MoJ commissions a witness service, a homicide service, support for victims of human trafficking, support for victims of rape through rape support centres, victims’ national telephone helplines and other support for victims of domestic and sexual violence.

The PCC has the responsibility to commission services which enable victims to cope and recover. Each PCC is responsible for adherence to the Victims Code and EU Directive.

Putting victims and survivors first is a key priority for the PCC. He has committed additional funding from his grant budget to complement the Ministry of Justice grant and commissions’ specialist services for Domestic Abuse, Sexual Violence and Child Sexual Exploitation.

Commissioning is the process for deciding how to use the resources available to secure outcomes in the most efficient, effective, and sustainable way, responding to local needs, delivering best value and ensuring a continuous review process is implemented. Commissioned services can be funded either through a contract or a grant.   

The funding pages show how these services are commissioned in your area, and what the funding pays for. The funding pages are also where communities can find out about grant funding and how to apply for it.

Overview of Commissioning Activity

An overview of the PCC’s commissioning work for this financial year and historical commissioning activity.

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Current and Historic Funding Portfolio

As well as the funding that the PCC provides to victim services he also provides grant funding directly to organisations, and via Community Safety Partnerships (CSPs) to a range of projects.

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Person with pen writing on paper
Person with pen writing on paper

Your Funding Opportunities

The West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner’s grants scheme was first introduced in 2013 and since then has served to support West Mercia’s communities.

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