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On this page you will find the Police and Crime Commissioner’s publications.


Police and Crime Plan

A statutory obligation of the PCC is to create a Police and Crime Plan for their policing area. To read the current plan, click here. 

End of Term Report

You can view the End of Term Report which provides an overview of the PCC’s time in office from 2016-2020.


Joint Corporate Governance Framework

The Joint Corporate Governance Framework, which includes the Financial Regulations, has been in existence across West Mercia since the inception of Police and Crime Commissioners and the creation of Chief Constables as separate legal entities.  The Corporate Governance Framework was fundamentally reviewed for April 2014 with the transfer of staff to the Chief Constables.  Further comprehensive reviews have been undertaken yearly since.  Click the links below to view the 2023 version.

PART A – Corporate Governance Framework June 2023

PART B – Joint Financial Regulations June 2023

PART C – Scheme of Consent June 2023

PART D – PCC Scheme of Delegation June 2023

PART E – CC Scheme of Delegation

(Please email [email protected] if you would like these PDFs in an accessible format)


Annual Report

The Commissioner’s Annual Report for 2022-23 was presented to West Mercia’s Police and Crime Panel in July 2023. The annual report provides a strategic overview of the activity undertaken in support of the Safer West Mercia Plan during the year. To view the Panel’s response to the report click here and to view the PCC’s response to the Panel click here.

Archived reports


The Community Remedy Document

When dealing with low level crime and anti-social behaviour, Community Remedy gives victims a say in how the offender is punished. It allows police in their local areas to deal with low level crime and manage the offenders within the community in consultation with the victim.

Victims Charter

The Commissioner pledged to deliver a new Victims’ Charter for West Mercia within 100 days of taking office.

The charter creates a means of detailing precisely what services victims can expect and what the police and other partners are expected to provide. It is a means by which the PCC, the police and contracted partners can be held to account for delivering improved and consistent services.

Click here to view the charter.

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Relocation Policy

This document sets out the West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner Relocation Policy.

Survey Results

Town and Parish Council Survey Results

The results of this survey are used to shape policing priorities. 182 Town and Parish Councils took part in the most recent survey.

2023 Town and Parish Council Survey.

2022 Town and Parish Council Survey.

2021 Town and Parish Council survey.

2020 Town and Parish Council survey.

2019 Town and Parish Council survey.

2018 Town and Parish Council survey.

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Public Confidence and Perceptions Survey Results

The PCC has commissioned research to measure public confidence and perceptions related to policing and crime in West Mercia. The public confidence reports can be found here.

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The Estates Management strategy outlines the PCC’s duty to ensure the police estate portfolio is effective and efficient.

View the Victim and Witness Strategy here.