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This chart shows the structure for the Office of the PCC:

This chart shows the structure for the PCC’s Estates Team:

PCC and Deputy PCC Salaries

The PCC’s salary is £78,404 per annum. This is set by the Home Office.

The Deputy PCC’s salary is £36,586 per annum.

Assistant PCC Allowance

The Assistant PCC receives a monthly allowance of £1,458.33 plus expenses (18.5 hour working week).

Senior Leadership Team

The following senior leaders within the PCC’s Office have salaries in excess of £58,200 per annum:

Gareth Boulton is the Chief Executive. His salary is £95,000 per annum.

Paul Benfield is the Treasurer (Salary Band L).

Tony Morriss is the Deputy Chief Executive (Salary Band K).

Claire Richardson is the Head of Policy and Commissioning (Salary Band J).

Chris O’Hara is the Head of Estates (Salary Band L).

Luke Deeley is the Head of Facilities Management (Salary Band K).

Andrew Heath is the Head of Projects (Salary Band K).

Andrew Morgan is the Strategic Planning Manager (Salary Band J).

Staff Profile

Governance & Estates

Equality DataNumber of staff
Proportion of staff with ethnic minority3
Proportion of staff with a disability2
Number of female staff30
Number of male staff37
 Total number of staff67
SalariesNumber of Posts
(Scale A) (£22,101-£22,671)1.42
(Scale B) (£23,121-£24,462)12
(Scale C) (£24,921-£27,351)2
(Scale D) (£27,789-£29,874)9.8
(Scale E) (£30,783-35,982)3.6
(Scale F)  (£36,996-£39,036)9.75
(Scale G) (£40,005-£45,546)8.97
(Scale H)  (£46,674-£52,389)17
(Scale I) (£53,529-£56,979)1.6
(Scale J)  (£58,191-£64,644)3
(Scale K) (£66,018 – £73,371)3
(Scale L) (£74,937-£83,316)2
Pay Multiple2.35:1

Other staff resources

Force personnel

The PCC’s Staff Officer post is a police sergeant on a secondment from West Mercia Police.

A number of support services provided under the direction and control of the Chief Constable are made available to the PCC when required.  A memorandum of understanding sets out these services.

Local authority personnel

Internal audit and payroll services are provided by Worcestershire County Council.

Complaints review function

The complaints review function is undertaken by an independent qualified external body.