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The Commissioner is involved in a number of regular meetings with local partners.

In the interests of transparency, the papers from these meetings are published.

Please click on the headings below to click through to the relevant page for each meeting.

The PCC’s Crime Reduction Board brings partners together to reduce offending and reoffending by ensuring that adults and young people who offend are challenged and supported to desist from crime.  The Board will develop end to end support which includes prevention, early intervention and targeted intervention.

The PCC’s Crime Reduction Board’s terms of reference include membership and key objectives.

The latest agenda and minutes can be found below:

CRB Minutes 20.11.25

1 – CRB Agenda -Nov 2020


The PCC’s Victims’ Board ensures that victims and witnesses receive end to end, coordinated support.  The Board will review, and where appropriate, develop support pathways.  The Board will collect data which enables the measurement of victim and witness experience through the criminal justice process.

The PCC’s Victims’ Board’s terms of reference set out membership, aims and objectives.

A copy of the latest agenda and minutes can be found below:

Victim Board – Minutes – 17.12.20

1 – PCC Victim Board Agenda – Dec 20

Terms of reference

LCJB Meeting Minutes 20.12.17

1 – LCJB Agenda – Dec 20

The PCC’s Criminal Justice Policy Manager chairs the scrutiny panel for out of court disposals.  The terms of reference for the group are attached for reference.

Terms of reference – Out of Court Scrutiny Panel

Policing Alliance and How it’s Governed

The Alliance between West Mercia Police and Warwickshire Police was dissolved on March 30th 2020. The Alliance Governance Group consisted of the PCC, his counterpart in Warwickshire, their respective Chief Executives and Chief Officers within the two police forces. They met on a monthly basis to discuss issues and make decisions related to how the alliance of the two police forces worked.

The minutes from these meetings can be found below:

2019 Meetings

2018 Meetings

2017 Meetings

2016 Meetings