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On this page you can view decisions made by the Police and Crime Commissioner, John Campion, during 2020.

To view the summary document for a decision please click on the title of the decision in the table below.

PCC/D/2020/01Refurbishment Works to the OPCC Office Accommodation, Hindlip06/01/202001 Record of Decision Refurbishment Works to the OPCC Office Accommodation Hindlip
PCC/D/2020/02Video Remand Hearing – Telford Custody Pilot28/01/202002 Record of Decision Video Remand Hearing Telford Custody Pilot
PCC/D/2020/03Proposed Precept – 2020-202129/01/202003 Record of Decision – Proposed Precept 2020-21
PCC/D/2020/04Setting the 2020-21 Precept12/02/202004 Record of Decision – setting the 2020-21 Precept
PCC/D/2020/05ICT Stabilisation04/03/202005 Record of Decision – ICT Stabilisation
PCC/D/2020/06Redditch Police Station Roof Repairs04/03/202006 Record of Decision – Redditch Police Station Roof Repairs
PCC/D/2020/07Telford & Wrekin Civil Enforcement16/03/202007 Record of Decision – Telford Wrekin Civil Enforcement
PCC/D/2020/08Ending of Strategic Alliance with Warwickshire Police03/03/202008 Record of Decision – Ending of Strategic Alliance with Warwickshire Police
PCC/D/2020/09Regional Counter Terror Policing Collaboration16/04/202009 – Record of Decision – Regional Counter Terrorism Policing Collaborat.._
PCC/D/2020/10Confidential Decision16/04/202010 – Record of Decision – Confidential Decision 16th April 2020 – Signed.._
PCC/D/2020/011Procurement of Personal Protective Equipment28/04/202011 Record of Decision – Purchase of PPE
PCC/D/2020/012Hindlip Agricultural Land – Farming Business Tenancy Agreement14/05/202012 Record of Decision – Hindlip Farm Business Tenancy
PCC/D/2020/013Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery18/05/202013 Record of Decision – Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
PCC/D/2020/014Sale of Land Adjacent to Oswestry Police Station01/06/202014 Record of Decision – Sale of Land Adjacent to Oswestry Police Station DN
PCC/D/2020/015Complaint Review Changes03/07/202015 Record of Decision – Complaint Review Changes
PCC/D/2020/016Electric Vehicle Pilot27/07/202016 Record of Decision – Electric Vehicle Pilot
PCC/D/2020/017Surrender of Licence at the former Police Station, Shifnal27/07/202017 Record of Decision – Surrender of Licence at the former Police Station, Shifnal 
PCC/D/2020/018Lease of 42 Albert Road North, Malvern12/08/202018 – Record of Decision – Lease of 42 Albert Road North Malvern_20200813095814
PCC/D/2020/019Lease Termination for Frankley Police Post20/08/202019 Lease Termination Frankley Police Post
PCC/D/2020/020Digital Services Assyst Migration02/11/202020 Record of Decision – Digital Services Assyst Migration DN_
PCC/D/2020/021Covid-19 Additional Funding06/11/202021 Record of Decision – Covid Grant Acceptance
PCC/D/2020/022Lease of Accommodation for Operational Purposes01/12/202022 Record of Decision – Lease of accommodation for operational purposes 02
PCC/D/2020/023Evesham Community Contact Centre – Lease Extension for DWP15/12/202023 Record of Decision – Evesham Community Contact Centre