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On this page you can view decisions made by the Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion in 2022.

To view the summary document for each decision please see the table below.

PCC/D/2022/39Road Safety – Allocation of Funding14/09/2239 Record of Decision – Road Safety – Allocation of Funding
PCC/D/2022/37New licence for use of one parking space at the former Community Contact Centre in Evesham14/09/2237 Record of Decision – New licence for one parking space at former CCC in Evesham
PCC/D/2022/35Capital Local Policing Estates Transformation Spending Authorisation14/09/2235 Record of Decision – Capital Local Policing Estates Transformation
PCC/D/2022/01Setting the Precept 2022-202323/01/2201 Record of Decision – Setting the Precept 2022-2023
PCC/D/2022/02Additional Motorcycles09/02/22 02 Record of Decision Additional Motorcycles
PCC/D/2022/04BMW N57 Replacement Vehicles11/02/2204 Record of Decision – BMW N57 Replacement Vehicles
PCC/D/2022/06Confidential Decision3/03/2206 Confidential Decision
PCC/D/2022/07Shifnal Policing Base14/03/2207 Shifnal Policing Base
PCC/D/2022/08lease of 54-56 Cranham Drive04/04/2208 Record of Decision – lease of 54-56 Cranham Drive
PCC/D/2022/13Northern Hub Feasibility 240321 signed06/05/2213 Record of Decision – Northern Hub Feasibility
PCC/D/2022/14Donation of Emergency services ‘blue light’ equipment to charity 11/05/2214 Record of Decision – Donation of surplus Blue Light equipment
PCC/D/2022/15Surrender of 25 Cranham Drive27/05/2215 Record of Decision – Surrender of 26 Cranham Drive
PCC/D/2022/16Fleet Replacement 14/06/2216 Record of Decision Fleet Replacement
PCC/D/2022/17Relocation of MASH to Wilson House 14/06/2217 Record of Decision Relocation of MASH to Wilson House
PCC/D/2022/19PCC Relocation Policy03/08/2219 Record of Decision PCC Relocation Policy
PCC/D/2022/20CEO Preferred Candidate01/07/202220 Record of Decision CEO Preferred Candidate
PCC/D/2022/22Chief Executive and Monitoring Officer Appointment13/07/2222 Record of Decision Chief Executive and Monitoring Officer Appointment
PCC/D/2022/23Firearms Training Unit – Business case14/07/2223 Record of Decision Firearms Training Unit – Business case
PCC/D/2022/24Bridgnorth Police Station Refurbishment14/07/2224 Record of Decision -Bridgnorth Police Station Refurbishment
PCC/D/2022/25EV Pilot Estate Infrastructure Budget Allocation19/08/2225 Record of Decision – EV Pilot Estate Infrastructure Budget Allocation
PCC/D/2022/26Bridgnorth Refurbishment – Furniture03/08/2226 Record of Decision – Bridgnorth Refurbishment – Furniture
PCC/D/2022/29Fleet Replacement Decision03/08/2229 – Record of Decision – Fleet Replacement Decision – signed
PCC/D/2022/30Purchase of land 12/08/2230 Record of Decision – Purchase of Land Redditch
PCC/D/2022/32Preferred Candidate DPCC19/08/2232 Record of Decision – Preferred Candidate DPCC
PCC/D/2022/33SARC Facility Feasibility RIBA Stage 2 Design19/08/2233 Record of Decision – SARC Facility Feasibility RIBA Stage 2 Design
PCC/D/2022/40Tenbury Wells Police Station – Acquisition of Land14/10/2240 Record of Decision – Tenbury Wells Police Station – Acquisition of Land
PCC/D/2022/41Sale of Pontesbury Police Station14/10/2241 -Record of Decision – Sale of Pontesbury Police Station
PCC/D/2022/42Police Staff – Revised Pay Award13/12/2242 – Record of Decision- Police Staff – Revised Pay Award
PCC/D/2022/43Allocation of Recovered Equipment to ROCU21/12/2243 – Record of Decision – Allocation of Recovered Equipment to ROCU