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On this page you can view decisions made by the Police and Crime Commissioner, John Campion, during 2019.

To view the summary document for a decision please click on the title of the decision in the table below.

PCC/D/2019/01Services to Policing1/04/201901 Record of Decision – Services to Policing.
PCC/D/2019/02Sale of former police station- Peterchurch22/01/201902 Record of Decision – Sale of former polic station – Peterchurch
PCC/D/2019/03IT Network Investment24/01/201903 Record of Decision – IT network investment.doc
PCC/D/2019/04Proposed Precept 201928/01/201904 Record of Decision – Proposed precept 2019-20
PCC/D/2019/05Setting the 2019-20 Precept11/02/201905 Record of Decision – Setting the 2019-20 Precept
PCC/D/2019/06Evesham Police Station-Lease of Part Of to DWP28/02/201906 Record of Decision – Evesham Police Station Lease of Part to DWP
PCC/D/2019/07Worcester Police Station-Lease of Part of to National Probation Service28/02/201907 Record of Decision – Lease of part of Worcester Police Station to National Probation Service
PCC/D/2019/08Shrewsbury Town Centre SNT28/02/201908 Record of Decision – Shrewsbury Town Centre Safer Neighbourhood Office
PCC/D/2019/09Lease of 30 West Road, Telford26/03/201909 Record of Decision – Lease of 30 West Road
PCC/D/2019/10Treasury Management Strategy26/03/201910 Record of Decision – Treasury Management Strategy 2019-20
PCC/D/2019/11Re-location of Whitchurch Safer Neighbourhood Office1/04/201911 Record of Decision – Re-location of Whitchurch SNO
PCC/D/2019/12West Mercia Reserves Strategy10/04/201912 Record of Decision – West Mercia Reserves Strategy
PCC/D/2019/13Co-location of Wem Safer Neighbourhood Office with the health trust2/04/201913 Record of Decision – Co-location of Wem SNO with health trust
PCC/D/2019/14Co-location of Much Wenlock Safer Neighbourhood Office with the Much Wenlock Fire Station2/04/201914 Record of Decision – Co-location of Much Wenlock SNO with fire station
PCC/D/2019/15Capital Strategy 2019/2030/04/201915 Record of Decision Capital Strategy 2019 20
PCC/D/2019/16Modernisation of forensics building12/04/201916 Record of Decision – Modernisation of forensics building
PCC/D/2019/17Awaiting Approval16/04/201917 Record of Decision – efinancials
PCC/D/2019/18Assyst IT System24/05/201918 Record of Decision – Assyst IT System
PCC/D/2019/19Mobile Phones for Special Constables12/06/201919 Record of Decision Mobile Phones for Special Constables (003)
PCC/D/2019/20Mobile Police Stations25/06/201920 Record of Decision – Mobile Police Stations
PCC/D/2019/21Body Worn Video for Specials28/06/201921 Record of Decision – Body Worn Video for Specials
PCC/D/2019/22Hindlip Refurbishment Works16/07/201922 Record of Decision – Hindlip Refurbishment Works
PCC/D/2019/23Sale of Former Police Station, Whitchurch16/07/201923 Record of Decision – Sale of Former Police Station, Whitchurch
PCC/D/2019/24Telford Camera Safety Partnership18/07/201924 Record of Decision -Telford Camera safety Partnership
PCC/D/2019/25Ellesmere SNO co-location30/08/201925 Record of Decision – Ellesmere SNO Co-Location
PCC/D/2019/26Hereford Police Station Land17/07/201926 Record of Decision – Hereford Police Station Land
PCC/D/2019/27Blackpole Workshop Lease Renewal18/07/201927 Record of Decision Blackpole Workshop Lease Renewal
PCC/D/ 2019/28Awaiting Approval18/07/201928 Record of Decision – Pontesbury SNO Co-location Project
PCC/D/2019/29Redesign and Implementation of New Officer Establishment24/07/201929 Record of Decision – Redesign and Implementation of New Officer Establishment for West Mercia
PCC/D/2019/30West Mercia Joint Audit and Standards Committee27/08/201930 Record of Decision – West Mercia Joint Audit & Standards Committee
PCC/D/2019/31Accommodation Block Refurbishment Works26/09/201931 Record of Decision – Accommodation Block Welfare Refurbishment works
PCC/D/2019/32Planned Maintenance Programme Capital Improvements16/09/201932 Record of Decision – PMP Capital Improvements
PCC/D/2019/33Corporate Governance Framework2/10/201933 Record of Decision – Corporate Governance Framework
PCC/D/2019/34Worcester Police Station Refurbishment Costs9/10/201934 Record of Decision – Worcester Police Station Refurbishment Costs
PCC/D/2019/35Estate Management Arrangements9/10/201935 Record of Decision – Estate Management Arrangements
PCC/D/2019/36Stourport County Bulidings- Licence for Search and Rescue Function16/10/201936 Record of Decision – Licence for Firearms Search and Rescue Function.
PCC/D/2019/37Lease of 42 Albert Road North, Malvern9/12/201937 Record of Decision – Lease of 42 Albert Road North
PCC/D/2019/38OCC Programme – Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery18/12/201938 Record of Decision – OCC Programme Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
PCC/D/2019/39Relocation of Pontesbury Safer Neighbourhood Office18/12/201939 Record of Decision – Relocation of Pontesbury Safer Neighbourhood Office
PCC/D/2019/40Saab SAFE Contract Amendment30/12/201940 Record of Decision – Saab SAFE Contract Amendment