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On this page you can view decisions made by the Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion in 2021.

To view the summary document for each decision please see the table below.

PCC/D/2021/01Public Access Systems (PAS)10/02/202101 Record of Decision – Public Access Systems
PCC/D/2021/02Setting the Precept – 2021/2201/02/202102 Record of Decision – Setting the Precept
PCC/D/2021/03Relocation of the sub-station of Hindlip Lane, Worcester04/02/202103 Record of Decision – Relocation of the sub-station of Hindlip Lane, Worcester
PCC/D/2021/04The Drive Project (Herefordshire)08/02/202104 Record of Decision – The Drive Project (Herefordshire)
PCC/D/2021/05Setting of the 2021/22 Precept10/02/202105 Record of Decision – Setting of the 2021/22 Precept
PCC/D/2021/06Telford and Wrekin Safer Communities19/02/202106 Record of Decision- Telford and Wrekin Safer Communities
PCC/D/2021/08Athena Contract Extension02/03/202108 Record of Decision – Athena Contract Extension
PCC/D/2021/09Road Safety Cameras – Trench Lock03/03/202109 Record of Decision – Road Safety Cameras – Trench Lock
PCC/D/2021/11Treasury Management and Investment Strategy30/03/202111 Record of Decision- Treasury Management and Investment Strategy
PCC/D/2021/12TUPE of PPL gardening staff to PCC19/03/202112 Record of Decision – TUPE of gardening staff
PCC/D/2021/13Sale and lease back of Redditch Police Station30/03/202113- Record of Decision- Sale and lease back of Redditch Police Station
PCC/D/2021/14Reserves Strategy 21/04/202114- Record of Decision- Reserves Strategy
PCC/D/2021/15Commissioning Officer Recruitment22/04/202115- Record of Decision- Commissioning Officer Recruitment
PCC/D/2021/16 Compulsory purchase compensation for Essex Arms playing field, Hereford30/06/202116 Record of Decision – Essex Arms Playing Field
PCC/D/2021/17Capital Strategy 22/04/202117-Record of Decision-Capital Strategy
PCC/D/2021/18 Fleet Replacement28/04/202118-Record of Decision- Fleet Replacement
PCC/D/2021/19North Worcestershire ABE Suite11/05/202119- Record of Decision- North Worcestershire ABE Suite
PCC/D/2021/20Police Officer Pension Forfeiture Policy Review4/05/202120- Record of Decision- Police Officer Pension Forfeiture Policy Review

PCC Pension Forfeiture Policy
PCC/D/2021/21 Telford and Wrekin Safer Communities Project 24/05/2021 21 Records of Decision – Telford and Wrekin Safer Communities Project
PCC/D/2021/23Appointment of Chief Constable16/7/202123 Record of Decision – Appointment of Chief Constable
PCC/D/2021/24Appointment of Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner19/7/202124 Record of Decision -Appointment of Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner
PCC/D/2021/24Forensics Collision Investigation Network Expansion19/7/202125 Record of Decision -Forensics Collision Investigation Network Expansion
PCC/D/2021/27Redditch Combined Police and Fire Station Architectural Services26/07/2127 Record of Decision – Redditch Combined Police and Fire Station Architectural Services
PCC/D/2021/28Appointment of Temporary Chief Constable30/07/2128 Record of Decision – Appointment of Temporary Chief Constable
PCC/D/2021/29 Capital Planned Programme Spending10/09/2129 Record of Decision – Capital Planned Programme Spending
PCC/D/2021/30Tenbury Wells SNO Relocation14/09/2130 Record of Decision – Tenbury Wells SNO Relocation
PCC/D/2021/31 Land at Ryelands Road, Leominster14/09/2131 Record of Decision – Land at Ryelands Road, Leominster
PCC/D/2021/32Approval of Capital Expenditure for a Modular Panel Armoury25/10/2132 Record of Decision – Approval of Capital Expenditure for a Modular Panel Armoury
PCC/D/2021/35Property management & Archive record management systems05/11/2135 Record of Decision – Property management & Archive record management systems
PCC/D/2021/36Disposal of the land of the former Shrewsbury Town Centre Police Station20/12/2136 Reccord of Decision – Disposal of the land of the former Shrewsbury Town Centre Police Station
PCC/D/2021/38Electrification of the fleet25/11/2129 Record of Decision – Electrification of the fleet
PCC/D/2021/39Confidential decision25/11/2130 Record of Decision – Confidential decision
PCC/D/2021/40CO Vehicle2/12/21 40 Record of Decision – CO Vehicle
PCC/D/2021/42Custody Infrastructure Refresh22/12/2142 Record of Decision – Custody Infrastructure Refresh
PCC/D/2021/43Dispatch Communications Server22/12/2143 Record of Decision – Dispatch Communications Server