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On this page you can view decisions made by the Police and Crime Commissioner, John Campion, during 2018.

To view the summary document for a decision please click on the title of the decision in the table below.

 PCC/D/2018/01Annual Allowance Tax Charges – Mandatory and Voluntary Scheme Pays16/01/201801 Record of Decision Police Pension Scheme
PCC/D/2018/02Proposed Precept 2018-1931/01/2018 02 Record of Decision – Proposed precept 2018-19
PCC/D/2018/03Precept Decision 2018/1912/02/201803 Record of Decision – Precept Decision 2018-19 Budget
PCC/D/2018/04Vetting Capability07/02/201804 Record of Decision – Vetting Capability
PCC/D/2018/05Hindlip Gym Refurbishment Works12/02/201805 Record of Decision – Hindlip Gym Refurbishment Works
PCC/D/2018/06Hindlip Reception Refurbishment Works12/02/201806 Record of Decision – Hindlip Reception Refurbishment Works
PCC/D/2018/07Crime Bureau Relocation14/02/201807 Record of Decision – Crime Bureau Relocation
PCC/D/2018/08Kidderminster Police Post – Lease Renewal01/03/201808 Record of Decision – Kidderminst Police Post – Lease Renewal
PCC/D/2018/09Additional investment in OCC for Highways02/05/201809 Record of Decision – Additional investment in OCC for Highways England
PCC/D/2018/10Enabling works for Combined Projects28/03/201810 Record of Decision – Enabling Works for Combined Projects
PCC/D/2018/10aConstruction Delivery Agreement for Combined Projects 201817/04/1810a Record of Decision – Construction Delivery Agreement for Combined Projects 2018
PCC/D/2018/11Treasury Management Strategy 2018/1912/04/201811 Record of Decision – Treasury Management Strategy 2018 19
PCC/D/2018/12Victims Remodelling24/04/201812 Record of Decision – Victims Remodelling – Signed
PCC/D/2018/13DPCC Contract Variation01/05/201813 Record of Decision – DPCC Contract Variation
PCC/D/2018/14Purchase of a vehicle for joint use between Safer Neighbourhood Teams and Street Pastors in  Telford and Wrekin05/06/201814 Record of Decision – Telford Street Pastors vehicle 18.06.11
PCC/D/2018/15Business Objects XI Upgrade29/06/201815 Record of Decision- Business Objects XI Upgrade Record of Decision
PCC/D/2018/16Vehicle Purchase for ACCs05/07/201816 Record of Decision – Cars for 2 x ACC – Signed
PCC/D/2018/17Upgrade to Regional ANPR Motorway Infrastructure25/07/201817 Record of Decision – Upgrade to Regional Motorway ANPR Infrastructure
PCC/D/2018/18Worcester Police Station Partial Refurbishment and Security Works17/08/201818 Record of Decision-Worcester Police Station Partial Refurbishment and Security Works
PCC/D/2018/19Salix Project Applications17/08/201819 Record of Decisions- Salix Project Applications
PCC/D/2018/20Resources for Additional Officers10/09/201820 Record of Decision – Resources for Additional Officers
PCC/D/2018/21Hereford Police Station10/10/201821 Record of Decision – Hereford Police Station.doc
PCC/D/2018/22Reserves Strategy18/09/201822 Record of Decision- West Mercia Reserves Strategy Record of Decision
PCC/D/2018/23Corporate Governance Framework11/10/201823 Record of Decision – Corporate Governance Framework
PCC/D/2018/24HMFRS Co-Location at Hindlip HQ- New Lease22/09/201824 Record of Decision – Fire Lease Decision 
PCC/D/2018/25The Drive Project (Worcestershire)24/10/201825 Record of Decision – Drive Project
PCC/D/2018/26Ending of Strategic Alliance with Warwickshire Police08/10/201826 Record of Decision – Ending of Strategic Alliance with Warwickshire Police
PCC/D/2018/27Letter of Intent to Provide Credit to Police IT Company21/11/201827 Record of Decision to provide Police ICT Company
PCC/D/ 2018/28Forensics Building Refurbishment7/12/201828 Record of Decision – Forensics Building refurbishment.doc
PCC/D/2018/29Safer Roads Reserve funding initiatives10/12/201829 Record of Decision – Safer Roads Reserve Funding Initiatives
PCC/D/2018/30Transfer from collaboration reserve for co-locations13/12/201830 Record of Decision – Transfer from Collaboration Reserve for co-locations.doc
PCC/D/2018/31Review of Memorandum of Understanding14/12/201831 Record of Decision – Review of Memorandum of Understanding.doc
PCC/D/2018/32Replacement of Vehicles National Security Operations17/12/201832 Record of Decision – Replacement of Op COBO vehicles Signed