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Bikes seized by West Mercia Police have been donated by the Police and Crime Commissioner, John Campion to a project which helps young people stay out of crime by taking the right path.

The CLIMB project, run by The Children’s Society and funded by the Police and Crime Commissioner, is a unique programme providing support to vulnerable young people across West Mercia.

In 2021, four bikes were donated to the CLIMB project by the PCC and Herefordshire City Council. In one case, a young person transformed a broken bike back into working order. They now use it to ride to and from school every day.

Following the scheme’s success, a further 30 bikes are now being donated. This will be another opportunity to help children in West Mercia put their minds into positive activities, learn life-skills and make new friendships.

The bikes will be distributed to 30 young people across West Mercia.

PCC John Campion said: “I am committed to cutting crime and protecting the public. Taking the right preventative action to stop vulnerable young people from falling into a life of crime is one of the best ways to achieve this.

“Seeing the impact this scheme has had on young people in the past, it’s great to see a further 30 bikes will be donated.

“I will continue to support CLIMB which plays a key role in helping young people to steer their lives away from crime and keeping our streets safer.”

Find out more about the CLIMB project here.