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A West Mercia resident who was bereaved when her husband was killed in a road crash, has urged other victims to seek support through Police and Crime commissioner backed bereavement support service RoadPeace.

Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion, is backing RoadPeace to delivering two new support groups that will offer those that have been affected by road crashes the opportunity to meet others similarly affected.

Meg Warren, who attend the first support group meeting for bereaved victims, which was held on Wednesday 27th January tells us about the importance of local and specialised support for road crash victims.

My husband was killed ten years ago in a road traffic collision. Having been an A&E nurse for many years I thought that I could deal with anything thrown at me. But nothing ever prepares you for the massively traumatising journey that follows when you lose a loved one in such a violent and premature way, especially when you have witnessed it as I did. You lose confidence, you question your feelings and emotions as you struggle with not only trying to understand how and why it happened but deal with the many aspects of the investigation and legal process that follows.

“For me, this journey was done alone. I hadn’t heard of RoadPeace and I had many battles to fight.

“Some time on I was doing some research on the internet and RoadPeace popped up. Delving into the site I was staggered at how much support there was on offer, from emotional to legal and much in between. If only I had had that support, my journey would have been very different. I quickly joined my local group, and it was so empowering meeting others in the same situation. I can only describe it as being in a club that no-one wants membership of, yet every member understands your pain and anguish and is hugely supportive.

“No one should do this journey alone. RoadPeace is there for everyone bringing a wealth of experience and services that make you feel you WILL survive this devastation. The location of groups is fundamental to membership as victims are looking for local support and local people with whom to build a support network. That is why I was thrilled to hear that West Mercia PCC has provided funding to facilitate RoadPeace services in West Mercia. I would encourage anyone looking for support to take that first step to recovery by joining this empathetic, friendly and non-judgmental group”.

The PCC added: “Meg’s story is one that no one ever wants to tell, but it’s a sad fact that too many people are killed and seriously injured on our roads. I am committed to seeing this number reduce. Not only for the individuals affected, but also those they leave behind.

“No one should have to suffer and not receive the support they so desperately need in order to recover and carry on with their lives. I am pleased that RoadPeace will also be working with our Victim Advice Line to ensure those affected are signposted to invaluable help.”

Due to current restrictions, all meetings, which are to be held bi-monthly for each group on the last Wednesday of the month, will be held online using Zoom.  

The next meeting  for bereaved families will take place on  Wednesday 31st March, 6.00pm – 8.00pm.

The first meeting for injured victims will be taking place on Wednesday 24th February, 6.00pm – 8.00pm.

Those interested in attending a meeting should contact RoadPeace at [email protected] or call the helpline on 0845 4500 355.

Local support group meetings offer bereaved families a chance to meet and speak to others who have suffered a similar experience.