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The last six months have seen the PCC’s Police Dog welfare scheme embedded in West Mercia to ensure our pawsome friends are being looked after the way they should be.

The partnership with the Dogs Trust has seen independent volunteers make unannounced visits to kennels and training facility across West Mercia to ensure the facilities are fit for purpose.

So far, volunteers have carried out five visits with 26 out of 74 current dogs visited. This scheme not only inspects the welfare of West Mercia’s police dogs, but also retired, fire and other dogs such as those within the National Crime Agency.

John Campion said: “I am proud to support such an important scheme that ensures our four legged colleagues are being treated the way they deserve.

“I am reassured to see the progress this scheme is making across West Mercia and confident that this scheme will help to ensure the welfare of West Mercia’s dogs. They are a crucial part of the force and this scheme will ensure they are being treated the way they should and deserve to be.”