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PCC John Campion and Councillor Eric Carter, Chair of the Fire Authority have renewed their longstanding commitment to work together to ensure that emergency services in Newport have the right resources and facilities to keep local residents safe.

Following recent discussions regarding the current welfare provision available for the police at Newport Fire Station, and a review of the current commitment between Commissioner John Campion and Cllr Eric Carter to work together. They will both ensure as the town grows that the emergency services in the town are appropriately resourced including local facilities for the public, fire and police.

PCC John Campion said “I know that having local police officers who are visible and accessible in the community, is a top priority for local communities.  I am pleased West Mercia Police have been able to use the facilities for a number of years at the Fire Station in Newport and since the local police station was closed by my predecessor.

He added, “Whilst there are no immediate plans to reintroduce a dedicated police station in Newport, as the town grows I will work with West Mercia Police, Shropshire & Wrekin Fire Service, and the local communities to review if that is still appropriate.”

Cllr Eric Carter, Chair Shropshire & Wrekin Fire Authority said “I introduced the shared use of facilities at Newport Fire Station for use by police officers, this arrangement has been working successfully since the closure of Newport Police Station.

“I look forward to working with the Commissioner John Campion to deliver the best fire and police service to our communities in and around Newport.”