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Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion has delivered a new Victims Charter for West Mercia, outlining the standards and services communities can expect should they ever fall victim to a crime.

The charter sets out key points for helping people to cope and recover from a crime, including preparing statements for court cases, being kept up to date on their case and preventing people becoming victims a second time.

John Campion said: “I pledged to deliver this Charter within 100 days of taking office and I have kept that promise to our communities. We have some good victim services already locally, but I want to make them better, so that we more consistently see the sort of tailored, timely and effective help that victims need.”

“This Charter makes it clear to our communities what help they can expect every time. In doing so, it also creates a means to hold myself, the police and my other partners to account to make sure these standards are being delivered.”

To read the charter, click here.

Posted on Friday 12th August 2016