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John Campion has held a formal holding to account session with the Chief Constable to discuss the force’s ongoing work to tackle child sexual exploitation.

The subject is a top priority for the Commissioner, police and other partners.

At the meeting yesterday (Thursday 22 September), the PCC questioned the Chief Constable, Anthony Bangham, on a number of areas including: current police intelligence; training to increase numbers of CSE trained officers; how victims are being protected; how perpetrators are being dealt with; and are all partner agencies engaged.

John Campion said: “The meeting covered a lot of ground and reinforced for me that the police and partners fully recognise this issue and they are taking it very seriously.”

“There are areas where I feel things could be improved, for example around resources and ensuring a greater number of officers and staff are trained to meet increasing demands. However, the force is well aware of where improvements can be made and they are working hard to address these areas. I will ensure they have the resources they need to deliver those improvements and will hold the Chief to account to ensure they happen in a timely way.”

Posted on Friday 23rd September 2016