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The Police and Crime Commissioner and Leader of Bromsgrove District Council say they have “major concerns” about a new programme of roadworks on the M5 and the impact they would have on local communities and businesses.

Works are needed at Oldbury, between junctions 1 and 2 on the motorway which are expected to last more than a year. Highways England is proposing to use a 30mph contraflow to manage traffic, as well as relying on drivers either diverting an extra 20 miles via the M42, or using local routes through north Worcestershire. It would affect around 60,000 journeys every day.

John Campion said: “Our communities have endured a lot of disruption recently, with the long period of roadworks on the M5 only just coming to an end. The proposals I have seen for these new works would impose another 12 months of strain on our communities, businesses and environment and this is not justifiable. I have major concerns about how our roads would cope with such huge additional volumes of traffic for so long.”

“It seems clear that this issue should be owned and contained within Birmingham and the Black Country, but it currently feels like the problems that will be caused are being shunted to Worcestershire. I will be working with local partners and communities to try and minimise the impact as much as possible”.

Cllr Geoff Denaro, Leader of Bromsgrove District Council, said: “I was deeply concerned to learn that Highways England having caused residents living along the A38 constant disruption and noise with the M5 project, are now implementing further disruption around Bromsgrove. Only last month I made reference at Council that normality should return soon, and that discussions would continue. Sadly, I see from Highways England website that they are planning to shunt 2 northbound lanes of the M5 at junction 4A onto the M42 with one lane heading into the Oldbury roadworks.”

“Our colleagues at County Council Highways have been making representations about further disruption to Bromsgrove without success. These works will now be implemented shortly and could seriously affect our ability to measure traffic flows in Bromsgrove, which are vital to support our local plans. Delays could seriously impact our financial plans too. We will continue to work with our partners and highways colleagues to minimise any disruption to our residents and our businesses in Bromsgrove caused by these further plans.”