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Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion has asked the Policing Minister to consider the challenges faced in rural areas, as part of efforts to secure a fairer share of government funding for policing.

The West Mercia PCC has written to Brandon Lewis MP, highlighting:

– The costs of delivering police services in largely rural, sparsely populated areas

– Deprivation that can exist within rural areas, including small cities and towns

– The significant amount of crime which happens within smaller forces, but originates from larger, metropolitan areas

– The imbalance in council tax that exists between areas which receive more government grant, compared to those which receive less

John Campion said: “I promised I would push for a fairer share of police resources and I am fulfilling that promise. I want to deliver a better deal for our communities within the national picture, as part of my vision for a safer West Mercia.”

“There are a range of clear and unique challenges to policing in our area. I don’t feel the current funding formula acknowledges these properly and certainly doesn’t offer our communities the sort of value for money they should rightfully expect.”

“I am grateful for the chance to discuss this important issue with the Minister and I am reassured that he and the government are committed to resolving this issue and providing a fairer distribution of police resources”.