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The West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner praised the work of Bromsgrove Street Pastors as they celebrate their 5th year, helping local communities.

The volunteers give their own weekends, to provide a listening ear and practical support to those in difficulty. Since the pastors were introduced five years ago, there has been a 35% reduction in anti-social behaviour on a Friday night in Bromsgrove.

Similar teams exist in South Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Shropshire and Telford.

PCC John Campion, who spent last Friday evening with the Street Pastors, said “It is commendable that these volunteers give their own time, to help others in our communities. Having spent time with them I have been able to see the valuable service that they provide, making sure that people are kept safe, and providing a reassuring presence in town centres.

Through their caring approach, they are able to change people’s behaviours and reduce anti-social incidents, meaning that police resources can be better directed to focus on helping the most vulnerable. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the volunteers on behalf of the people of Bromsgrove.”

Street Pastors Chairman Rev Paul Lewis said “Bromsgrove Street Pastors wouldn’t be the success that it is without the support of others around us, especially West Mercia Police, Bromsgrove District Council and our local pubs and night club. We help, care and listen in ways that others are not able to, and so contribute towards making Bromsgrove a safer and better place to enjoy a night out. Our local community has taken us to their heart, and we are sought after on a Friday night / Saturday morning. Thank you to everyone who has encouraged and supported over the last 5 years. We are looking forward to many more to come”.

Issued: Friday 19th May 2017