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Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion says he wants body worn video to be brought in “as soon as possible”, for West Mercia Police.

The Commissioner recently visited the Metropolitan Police to see the technology and the benefits it brings. What he saw reinforced his view that the technology would be a big step forward at a local level.

The PCC is satisfied that West Mercia Police are doing all they can to introduce similar equipment as quickly as possible. In the meantime, temporary solutions are in place.

Body worn cameras should operate to an evidential standard, providing irrefutable proof to officers, criminal justice partners and communities of what has happened during an incident. The cameras help reduce illegitimate complaints against police, prevent crime taking place by changing offender behaviour and also reassure communities about the way the police go about their business.

John Campion said “I promised our communities I would ensure they got a modern, reformed police force. This technology represents a key step in delivering on that promise. These cameras are a necessary and useful part of modern policing. I accept that bringing this sort of technology in cannot happen overnight – the police need to make sure they go through the process properly and thoroughly – but I will hold the Chief Constable to account to ensure an effective, efficient solution is brought in as soon as possible”.

West Mercia Police Assistant Chief Constable Amanda Blakeman said “The use of body worn video reassures our communities and ensures that justice is delivered swiftly. It is right that we deliver a sustainable solution. We are prioritising this work and ensuring we learn from the schemes such as the one the Commissioner has visited”

Issued: Friday 28th October 2016