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Commissioner John Campion has welcomed an initiative to show people the dangers of drink driving.

The TTC Group, linked in with West Mercia Police and the Safer Roads Partnership, encouraging the public to see for themselves how alcohol can impair their ability to drive. A driving simulator was set up in Telford Shopping Centre today for Christmas shoppers to try out.

The PCC, along with West Mercia Police T/ Deputy Chief Constable Chris Singer donned a pair of ‘beer goggles’ to try out the simulator, whilst officers displayed the drink and drug tests they will be using to catch offenders.

In the past three years, 10 people have died and 108 were seriously injured in collisions in the West Mercia region in which drink or drugs were a contributory factor.

Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion said; “We know all to well, the dangerous consequences of drink or drug driving. Too many people have lost their lives or been seriously injured, as a result of someone’s actions- drink or drug driving is never worth the risk.

As Commissioner I will continue to support the police in doing all they can to make our roads safer. I am reassured by the police approach, both in terms of enforcement and awareness raising, and will continue to actively support initiatives and campaigns such as this.”

Pictures from the Commissioners visit can be viewed here 

Issued: Friday 9th December 2016