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Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion has welcomed a mobile technology pilot, aimed at improving police visibility.

Officers in Evesham have been using the devices, a smartphone and laptop, since last September enabling them to get more incident information on the go, update victims and witnesses at the scene and spend more time out in the community.

The Commissioner is funding the scheme as part of his plans to create a reformed West Mercia, and was pleased to hear the results have been positive, benefitting communities. The trial is now undergoing a thorough evaluation to inform West Mercia Police’s decision as to how the technology will be rolled out across the wider workforce.

Commissioner John Campion said “Our communities deserve a police force that is efficient, effective and visible. As part of my pledge to create a reformed West Mercia, I will ensure the police have the tools and technology to provide the very best service to victims of crimes. By mobilising officers, they can spend more time in communities, helping those who need it.

This is just one small step towards my plans for a safer, more secure West Mercia. I will hold the force to account to ensure we can build on this and roll out technology which will improve the service, right across all the communities we serve.”

Detective Chief Inspector Mel Crowther, the West Mercia Police lead for the initiative said: “As police officers, we need to harness the best technology available to us to help protect our communities from harm. By releasing officers from their desks at the station they have more time to be out in the community, increasing the visibility of the police in the area and freeing up time which can be better spent to support victims. It’s great that the team have opportunities like this to engage with our communities.

“We are now considering the options for a wider roll out of the devices, meaning that communities can benefit across our force area.”

Issued: Friday 3rd February 2017