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John Campion is welcoming changes that will offer greater protection to police pursuit drivers.

The Government has outlined new plans to change the current legal test for officers, to take account of their high levels of training. It comes following a trend for crimes committed on mopeds in some of the UK’s big cities. This is exceptionally rare in West Mercia, but the reforms will still benefit both local officers and communities in other pursuit scenarios.

West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion said: “I believe strongly in giving our police the tools to do their jobs more effectively and this is an example of that. The Government has listened to our police and come up with a common sense solution that will benefit all parties.”

“Police pursuit drivers are highly trained and exceptionally skilled. I hope this change will give officers the confidence to do their jobs even more effectively. I also hope it shows how much we all value their work to keep us safe, which I have worked to highlight through my #BehindTheBadge campaign.”