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A simple approach which improves road safety and saves officers almost eight hours each time, has been welcomed by the Police and Crime Commissioner.

Members of the public can now submit footage from dashcams and other devices through a secure online portal, to report a range of driving offences for the police to assess and take action. This has reduced the time spent on these investigations from an average of eight hours to just 20 minutes.

The introduction of Operation Snap means that officers no longer have to travel to collect footage and that members of the public no longer have to surrender their devices during the investigation. The footage can also be used to educate other drivers, and encourage them to alter their behaviour.

Since it was introduced in July, around 300 submissions have been received, an average of 10-15 each day.

Commissioner John Campion said “I made a promise to reform West Mercia Police, by catching up and keeping up with technology- this is just one example of how a simple approach can save a large amount time which makes a big difference to officers, and allows them to spend more time in communities.

“Many people are already using dashcams, and most passengers and pedestrians will have access to a mobile phone- this makes it extremely easy for the public to play in active role in reporting offences, and helping to build a clearer picture in order to challenge unacceptable driving and make our roads safer.”

Commenting on the initiative, Supt Paul Moxley for West Mercia Police said “This initiative will complement the work already being done by police officers on our road network. It allows us to raise awareness that drivers behaviour can and will be called to account at any time. This is a tool that can be used by all road users to help make our roads safer for all.”

To access the portal for Nextbase click here.

Issued: Wednesday 22nd August 2018