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To ensure the communities of Ellesmere continue to have a local policing team based in the heart of their community, officers have moved back to the Town Hall.

PCC John Campion is responsible for all West Mercia police buildings and ensuring they are effective and efficient, whilst delivering value for money on behalf of local communities.

Following an ongoing review of all police buildings, the PCC has been able to identify where savings can be made by co-locating buildings without reducing the level of service the public receives.

The local policing team who are responsible for Ellesmere, and wider rural areas within Shropshire, have moved back to the Town Hall to co-locate with the Town Council. This will allow members of the public to still access their local policing team and maintain the presence within the town.

PCC John Campion said: “I have heard loud and clear from communities that they want their police force to be visible and accessible. I am therefore grateful that Ellesmere Town Council offered space to enable officers to return to the Town Hall, as I believe it’s important to maintain presence and ensure officers are accessible.

“It is also important that savings are being identified as well as ways of working better and more closely with partners.”

Jo Butterworth, Ellesmere Town Council Clerk, said: “Ellesmere Town Council are delighted that the officers from West Mercia Police Safer Neighbourhood Team have returned to work at the Town Hall as they believe it is very important for residents to have a visible police presence in the town. The Town Council are looking forward to working closely with the Safer Neighbourhood Team in the future.”

Chief Inspector Mark Reilly of West Mercia Police, said: “I am pleased that we have been able to work with our partners to identify a suitable base for our officers, which will benefit the people of Ellesmere, as well as the emergency services.

“Using the Town Hall will provide the community with a visible police presence, and whilst it won’t operate 24/7 at most times of the day there will be an officer available or a point of contact for the public to report issues to face-to-face.

“We are looking forward to being back in the heart of community, where we hope to make a difference to its people.”