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There’s one week left for people to submit their questions about race and hate crime.

In a Facebook live event which is being broadcast on Monday 13th July, Chief Constable, Anthony Bangham and Police and Crime Commissioner, John Campion will discuss how the force ensures fair and equal treatment for everyone in its communities.

The PCC will ask how the force reacts appropriately to reports of hate crime, ensuring that the public can be confident that communities will be kept safe from ignorance and prejudice.

The session will also cover the diversity of West Mercia Police itself. The Safer West Mercia Plan sets a priority that West Mercia Police should represent the community it serves by reflecting the demography in its workforce, to give confidence to the public that communities are genuinely reflected within the recruitment, retention and promotion of officers. This is vital to ensuring that the public can trust that the force is a true reflection of the society we live in.

PCC John Campion said, “Communities in West Mercia, I believe make it clear, that there is no room for discrimination in our society, this was evident in their reactions to the recent Black Lives Matter demonstrations.”

“It is right that I, on behalf of the public, insist that its police force accurately represents the communities it serves. Although, representation alone cannot fix larger societal issues, when deployed appropriately, it can provide reassurance to communities that equality and fairness is at the heart of policing.”

“I want all our communities to have confidence in the police to respond appropriately to reports of hate crime, making it clear that there is no room for ignorance and discrimination in West Mercia.”

“Even though we are still experiencing some disruption from the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s imperative that communities feel that the force is transparent and that senior officers are accessible and available to hear their comments and questions.”

“I would encourage communities to get involved and take the opportunity to raise questions and concerns.”

The public are invited to submit questions during the Facebook livestream which takes place at 6pm on Monday 13th July, or in advance before 5pm on Sunday 12th July. Questions can be submitted on Facebook, @WestMerciaPCC, or via email in advance to [email protected].

Published 6th July 2020