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DateExpense TypeDetailsPurpose/No of nightsFood and DrinkHotelTravel – Car (total miles)Travel-RailTravel TaxiTravel – OtherNumber of miles claimed @0.45p per milesTotal mileage claimed
06.05.22Travel Taxi fare to Probation meetingAttendance at a probation meeting £10.00£10.00
06.05.22Train Kidderminster to Birmingham return Attendance at a meeting in Birmingham £10.70£0.00
16.05.22MileageHindlip to KidderminsterAttend an ABE Suite meeting 3737£16.65
16.05.22MileageHereford to KidderminsterReturn journey to Hereford2121£9.45
18.05.22MileageKidderminster to Hereford returnAttend a NHS Symposium 4242£18.90
Total £0.00£0.00100£10.70£10.00£0.00100£55.00