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DateExpense TypeDetailsPurpose/No of nightsFood and DrinkHotelTravel – Car (total miles)Travel-RailTravel TaxiTravel – OtherNumber of miles claimed @0.45p per milesTotal amount claimed
04.09.2023MileageHindlip HQ to Unit 6 Berkley TSOp Lincoln Visit33£1.35
04.09.2023MileageUnit 6 Berkley TS to Hindlip HQReturn journey from Op Lincoln visit33£1.35
22.09.2023MileageHindlip HQ to DeffordSite visit to Defford1313£5.85
22.09.2023MileageDefford to Hindlip HQReturn journey from Defford site visit1313£5.85
29.09.2023MileageHindlip HQ to Redditch Kingfisher CentreTemporary Site visit2121£9.45
29.09.2023MileageReturn journey from Redditch Kingfisher Centre to Hindlip HQTemporary Site visit2121£9.45