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DateExpense TypeDetailsPurpose/No of nightsFood and DrinkHotelTravel-RailTravel TaxiOtherNumber of miles claimed @0.45p per milesClaimed mileage @0.24p per mileTotal mileage claimed
02.02.2024Mileage ClaimKidderminster to Rushock Attend meeting in Rushock 8£9.00
07.02.2024Mileage Claim Hindlip to Kidderminster via Craven Arms Attend meeting in Craven Arms 54£12.96
07.02.2024Car Parking FeeAttend meeting in Wychavon £3.20
09.02.2024Mileage Claim Kidderminster to Birmingham returnAttend meeting in Birmingham 48£11.52
13.02.2024Mileage Claim Kidderminster to London returnAttend National Meeting in Westminster228£54.72
14.02.2024Mileage Claim Hindlip to Pershore return Attend meeting in Pershore20£9.00
16.02.2024Car Parking fee£1.40
16.02.2024Mileage Claim Kidderminster to Malvern – Hindlip Attend meeting in Malvern 16£7.20
27.02.2024Mileage Claim Worcester to Kidderminster via Ludlow Attend meeting in Ludlow 41£9.84