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DateExpense TypeDetailsPurpose/No of nightsFood and DrinkHotelTravel-RailTravel TaxiTravel – OtherNumber of miles claimed @0.45p per milesTotal mileage claimed
07/06/2023Parking Parking charge in WorcesterMeeting in Worcester£3.90
09/06/2023Mileage Claim Kidderminster – Shrewsbury ReturnAttend meeting in Shrewsbury 37£16.65
28/06/2023SubsistenceMeals for PCC/DPCC and InternAttending a public meeting in Kington£34.70
30/06/2023ParkingKidderminster Train Station Attend Regional meeting in Birmingham£5.00
30/06/2023Train Travel Kidderminster – Birmingham ReturnAttend Regional meeting in Birmingham£11.30