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Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion is submitting a full business case to government around taking on the governance of local fire services, in a bid to improve public safety and safe guard vital services.

In an initial business case published in June, independent experts recommended that the Commissioner should also provide governance for the two local fire and rescue services. The full business case verifies that a single governance body would give the best opportunity to improve local police and fire collaboration, efficiency, and ultimately, the services delivered to local communities.

A three month consultation received over 1,300 responses, 61% of which supported the proposals. Having reviewed all the feedback from that consultation, the Commissioner decided to move forward with a full business case.

John Campion said: “I promised I would listen to, and be guided by, our communities and that is what I am doing. If there is credible evidence that a change in governance would cost less, achieve more and has public backing, I cannot just ignore that. For those reasons I felt it was right to further develop these proposals, create a full business case and put it to government for their consideration.

“I recognise that some people had raised concerns during the consultation, but I am confident those concerns have been addressed in the full business case. Enhanced collaboration between our emergency services must now be delivered to increase public safety.”

A full business case, taking on board consultation feedback, is now being finalised and will be submitted to the Home Office, who will ultimately decide whether any changes to governance go ahead.

Issued: Thursday 12 October