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Almost half a million pounds has just been awarded to support domestic abuse perpetrator programmes across West Mercia.

The incredible amount of just over £455,000 is set to support voluntary domestic abuse (DA) perpetrator groups including Male and Masculinities based in Herefordshire and Worcestershire and My Time, a new group for Shropshire.  In addition, it will also be used to expand Telford’s existing provision incorporating specialist BAME/LGBTQ+  works to further the service offered.

This funding will also provide a consultant to develop local services and strategies, to assess what is needed from a West Mercia wide DA Perpetrator Programme; ensuring further protection for some of the most vulnerable members of the community.

PCC John Campion said “I am delighted to share that as a result of this funding there is now a DA perpetrator programme in every county of West Mercia. This offers vital assistance to the community and will encourage perpetrators not to commit and continue with these cruel behaviours.

“This funding is all part of my commitment to the people of West Mercia to ensure that, as well as being able to support victims, we are also able to work with the perpetrators of crime, to prevent crimes from being committed at all, ensuring fewer victims in the future.”

Shropshire Domestic Abuse Service Manager, Wendy Bulman (part of Connexus) said “I am really pleased to see a voluntary perpetrator programme coming to Shropshire, and grateful to have received funding to provide the important support to the victim/survivor whilst the perpetrator attends the sessions.  We look forward to working alongside the Richmond Fellowship providing this much needed support to families across Shropshire”

Chief Executive of West Mercia Women’s Aid Sue Coleman said “We are really pleased to be working with Cranstoun again, this time in supporting those women whose partners are engaged with the ‘Men and Masculinities’ programme.

“It makes a real difference to be working to support women in their recovery from domestic abuse, to know that an organisation that has Cranstoun’s skills and determination is also holding their abuser to account for his behaviour and helping him to achieve a positive change.”

Assistant Director of Services from the Cranstoun Group said “We are delighted to have been awarded the contract to deliver our Men & Masculinities programme across West Mercia, working with West Mercia Police and the Police & Crime Commissioner, as well as with Herefordshire and Worcestershire councils to challenge perpetrators of DA to take responsibility for their behaviour.

“We enable people to make positive changes when they are aware that their relationships have become damaged by abusive behaviour, violence or coercive control. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to live healthy, safe and happy lives. By working with the perpetrators to enable positive change we can protect victims and children from experiencing abuse”.

North DA Area Manager Shawnee Hands said “Richmond Fellowship are excited to be welcomed as new providers to the West Mercia area in the delivery of a new service working with perpetrators, victims, survivors and children affected by domestic abuse. 

“Our intervention is designed to work directly with perpetrators of abuse to ensure they are made accountable for their behaviours.  A programme of change, challenging their behaviour, and beliefs will be a focus of our intervention with the aim to reduce the harm they are inflicting upon others. 

“Working to safeguard victims, survivors and children is paramount to any intervention we deliver.  Our specialist services will work with victims, survivors and children to offer bespoke and holistic support that works for them.  Our service will offer practical and emotional support that is safe and confidential, with the aim to increase safety, improve outcomes and rebuild lives.   We will undertake this work in partnership with Shropshire Domestic Abuse Services and other agencies key to the protection and safeguarding of victims, survivors and children. 

“We are impressed by the considered approach the West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner has taken in developing and funding new initiatives with a commitment to safe and high quality services that will undertake work to tackle the root cause of domestic abuse and make a real difference to the lives of those affected.”