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Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion has allocated funding for a CCTV camera to be repaired in an area that is known for anti-social behaviour.

Last year a petition was presented to Worcester City Council asking for better enforcement measures around the areas of Black Horse Walk and Sansome Place. Across a 12 month period, 29 occurrences of ASB, 12 occurrences of alcohol related ASB and three reports of crime were recorded.

Due to the camera that was in place no longer working, they weren’t able to support the police by recording crimes or deterring individuals. Instead, police resources were allocated to patrolling the area on foot.

PCC John Campion said: “Not only is this area a cause for concern for residents, but it has also been taking up valuable police resources to patrol it in a bid to discourage individuals from using the space for their illegal activities. We need to be utilise the technology we have available, which is why I was happy to provide the investment to repair the camera.

“I want communities to be safe and feel safe, so I hope that by putting this camera back in use it will provide some reassurance.”

Issued on: Friday 26th July