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Students will be encouraged to get Home and Dry, as a number of agencies unite as part of a continued campaign to improve education around water safety.

 Professionals from Hereford and Worcester Fire Service, assisted by other members of the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Home and Dry Network including RLSS UK, West Mercia Local Policing Teams, West Mercia Search and Rescue and Worcester Street Pastors will lead a demonstration, showing how to perform a throwline rescue, ahead of a new throwline board, being installed in Worcester, in memory of student Tom Jones, who drowned last September.

 This event will mark the start of a series of events, targeting students across West Mercia. Throughout September, representatives will visit Shrewsbury College, Worcester University, the Heart of Worcestershire College, Telford College, Hereford College of Arts, Shrewsbury University Centre and Wolverhampton University’s Telford Campus, distributing materials and raising awareness.

 At all events, the Home and Dry Network will also be supporting RLSS UK’s, Don’t Drink and Drown campaign, encouraging people to steer clear of the water, whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

 Commissioner John Campion said “By giving students the right practical advice, to stick with friends and understand the dangers, we can help to prevent water related deaths. We are taking a united approach, bringing together a range of key professionals to share expertise and improve education, ensuring everyone at risk knows how to keep themselves and others safe.”

 “We’re asking students to take care at night after visiting river and canal side pubs and bars,” said Group Commander Mick Cadman of Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service’s Community Risk department.

 “Look after each other – organise a lift home, or walk with a friend, but don’t walk home alone near open water.

 “Be water aware – enjoy being around rivers and canals, but don’t end up in them on a night out.”

 The Home and Dry Network are also advising people to fight your basic instinct to thrash about or swim hard when in trouble in cold water; instead stay calm, FLOAT on your back to help control your breathing and keep your airway clear.

For more information on the Home and Dry Campaign, and to take the free online water safety course click here.

 Issued: Thursday 11th September 2019