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Nearly 1000 extra homes are now safer after those who attended summer events across West Mercia received a free Smartwater kit, funded by the Police and Crime Commissioner.

The kits were handed out as part of the Commissioner’s summer events programme. At the six events, representatives from the ‘We Don’t Buy Crime’ scheme joined him, to talk about the water-based solution which can be used to reduce crime.

PCC John Campion said: “This year I decided to focus on two central parts of my commitment to making West Mercia safer. It was great to get out and meet with so many people and I was so pleased that the Smartwater kits were so well received by those who collected one.

“I want people to feel safe in their homes and for their property, that they work so hard for, to be protected. Last month we were pleased to announce that 10,000 kits have been handed out across West Mercia since the beginning of the year, and that number is only getting higher, which is a deterrent in itself.”

We Don’t Buy Crime lead Chief Superintendent Tom Harding said: “Taking steps to prevent burglary and thefts in the first place is vital to prevent people from becoming a victim of crime in the first place, and I’m delighted that thanks to the investment from John Campion even more residents have been provided with a property marking kit that will help keep their home safer.

“All of our frontline police officers carry a UV torch so when they recover suspected stolen property they can see whether it has been marked with SmartWater, if it has, we can identify the item as stolen which will help with prosecuting the offender. We know many items that are taken can be sentimental and people have an emotional attached too, if the item has been marked with SmartWater it also means we can reunite with it with the rightful owner.”

Issued: Wednesday 18th September 2019