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Ref: F42 *Operational policing costs of badger cull2014Referred to West Mercia Police
Ref: F43Details of the Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner’s salary, contracted hours, attendance at public events, performance targets, declaration of interests, expenses and hospitality.2014F43-FOI-RESPONSE.pdf
Ref: F44 *Females charged with drug offences, firearms offences, police officers tackling gang related crime and stop and search data.2014Referred to West Mercia Police
Ref: F45Details of staffing numbers and costs in November 2012, March 2013 and March 2014 and details job titles, salaries, plus any freelance /consultants employed by the PCC2014F45-FOI-RESPONSE.pdf
Ref: F46 *Agency staff used by the force2014Referred to West Mercia Police
Ref: F47*Details of arrests and cautions for speeding bikes in Shropshire 2012/20132014Referred to West Mercia Police
Ref: F48Details on the Police and Crime Panel and drugs intervention programme2014F48-FOI-RESPONSE.pdf
Ref: F49Annual transport costs for the PCC and his deputy and costs of housing and hotels2014F49-FOI-RESPONSE.pdf
Ref: F50 *West Mercia Police cycle to work scheme2014Referred to West Mercia Police
Ref: F51Use of telephone conference call services2014F51-FOI-RESPONSE.pdf
Ref: F52Cost of the Office of Police and Crime Commissioner in 2012/ 13 and 2013/ 142014F52-FOI-RESPONSE.pdf
Ref: F53 *Details relating to complaints against West Mercia Police officers2014Referred to West Mercia Police
Ref: F54Money spent by the PCC on social media, consultancy and company cars2014F54-FOI-RESPONSE.pdf
Ref: F55Financial support to Victim Support and provision of services to rape victims2014F55-FOI-RESPONSE.pdf
Ref: F57Details of money spent on PR and marketing2014F57-FOI-RESPONSE.pdf
Ref: F58 *Force whistle blowing procedure2014Referred to West Mercia Police
Ref : F60 *Impact of the Independent Review of Police Officer and Staff Remuneration and Conditions and police salary costs2014Referred to West Mercia Police
Ref: F61Expenses, travelling subsistence costs claimed by the PCC and his deputy2014F61-FOI-RESPONSE.pdf
Ref: F62 *Crime data2014Referred to West Mercia Police
Ref: F63Payments made to the CBI2014F63-FOI-RESPONSE.pdf
Ref: F64Details of staff recieving remuneation of more than £100,000 in 2013-142014F64-FOI-RESPONSE.pdf
Ref: F66Salary costs of the PCC and Chief Executive, number of employees and annual budget2014F66-FOI-RESPONSE.pdf
Ref: F67Details on costs of the Police and Crime Commissioners Office and renumeration/ staffing information2014F67-FOI-RESPONSE.pdf
Ref: F68 *Police data on ‘legal highs’2014Referred to West Mercia Police
Ref: F70 *Drug offences in prisons2014Referred to West Mercia Police
Ref: F71*Crime and arrest data and number of officers assaulted on duty.2014Referred to West Mercia Police