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Ref: F72 *Cost of underground facilities at Hindlip and Defford to local taxpayers2015
Ref: F73Budget and salary information for West Mercia and Warwickshire Police20152015-73-Response.pdf
Ref: F74Total cost of PCC office from September 2013 to September 2014 and meetings/events attended by the PCC and his deputy since November 201420152015-74-Response.pdfPCCDPCCDates-1.pdf
Ref: F75*Amount of police calls, arrests made and police officers dispatched to/from the Hive Building2015
Ref: F76*Turnout for the PCC election for West Mercia2016
Ref: F77*Number of people in Worcester and Birmingham arrested for social media crimes2015
Ref: F78*Cycling on pavement crime data in Shrewsbury2015
Ref: F79*Shed break-ins during the period of the latest National Crime Statistics2015
Ref: F80*Calculation process of Police Injury On Duty Pension Banding2015
Ref: F81 *Outsourcing of police custody and detention services2015
Ref: F82Copies of correspondance regarding police budget cuts20152015-82-Response.pdf
Ref: F83FOI requests considered ‘vexatious’20152015-83-Response.pdf
Ref: F84*Racially aggravated complaints data2015
Ref: F85*Incidents reported relating to a specific address2015
Ref: F86*Persons detained under the mental health act2015
Ref: F87PCC or employees of the PCC charged with criminal offences20152015-87-Response.pdf
Ref: F88*Contractors living wage2015
Ref: F89*Police custody and detention officers2015
Ref: F90All contracts awarded through the commissioning of sexual violence/abuse services or sexual violence/ abuse (1) related services in 2012-13, 2013-14 and 2014-1520152015-90-Response.pdf
Ref: F91*Special Constables data2015
Ref: F92*Hate crime data2015
Ref: F93*Police Force Band budget and costs incurred2015
Ref: F94Amount paid to the confederation of British Industry (CBI) and it’s regional subsidaries20152015-94-Response.pdf
Ref: F95*Request for copies of any personal information held on a particular individual2015
Ref: F96Electronic copy of all guidance documents and legal advice issued by APACE.20152015-96-List-of-documents.pdf2015-96-Response-1.pdf
Ref: F97Numbers and associated costs of OPCC and seconded staff20152015-97-Response.pdf
Ref: F98*Arrests made in Worcester during 2015 relating to illegal highs2015
Ref: F99*Reported thefts on facebook selling sites2015
Ref: F100*ERP (Enterprise Resource Management)/ Finance system contract information2015
Ref: F101*Private Policing Groups within West Mercia2015
Ref: F102PCC and OPCC staff costs20152015-102-Response.pdf