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Ref: F124Transparency requirements for pay, expenses and allowances for the Chief Constable and other senior officers.20162016-124-Response.pdf
Ref: F125Costs of copier paper paid and how many reams of copy paper were purchased during 2015/16 financial year.20162016-125-Response.pdf
Ref: F126Covert Communications Data Capture equipment.20162016-126-Response.pdf
Ref: F127Monitoring Community Remedy20162016-127-Response.pdf
Ref: F128Complaints to the OPCC against police that involve the alleged misuse of the Police National Computer20172017-128-Response.pdf
Ref: F129PCCs response to College of Policing’s consultation on the Policing Education and Qualifications Framework20172017-129-Response.pdf
Ref: F130Official Policy of the PCC in their individual police forces failing to police illegal hunts and whether the PCC holds any information.20172017-130-Response.pdf
Ref: F131Information relating to Photocopiers, Multi-Functional Devices and Desktop Printers.2017Information not held by the PCC sent to the Force for response.
Ref: F132Women’s Aid Federation of England requests information regarding commissioned services for survivors of domestic violence and abuse.20172017-132-Response-1-1.pdf
Ref: F133Is the PCC doing anything to improve the conviction rate of rape and sexual incidences.20172017-133-Response1.pdf
Ref: F134UK Police will not employ migrant workers, unless they have lived in the UK for at least three years.20172017-134-Response.pdf
Ref: F135Confimation of whether the Office of the PCC has any input into the specific running, day to day activities and any public complaints handled by that of WM Professional Standards Dept.20172017-135-Response.pdf
Ref: F136The Police and Crime Commissioner for West Mercia has 2 jobs – what expenses expenditure claims have been for last 12 months.20172017-136-Response.pdf
Ref: F137Total amount earmarked from PCC’s budget for 2017/18 to pay for PFI and / or PF2 projects / schemes / liabilties? What individual schemes and cost. Total amounts for 2016/17 and 2015/16.20172017-137-Response.pdf
Ref: F138Request for copies of 6 of the Tier 2 Grant Applications given by Police and Crime Commissioner.20172017-138-Response.pdf
Ref: F139Information requested on West Mercia OPCC staff with regards to salaries, start dates, redundancies, dismissed or voluntary exit and associated costs.20172017-139-Response.pdf
Ref: 140Internal Review of Log No. 2016-126.201717-140-Internal-Review-Letter-and-Report-FOI-Privacy-International.pdf
Ref: 141The percentage of appeals the IPCC have upheld against your decisions, where appellent is perceived as disabled.20172017-141-Response1.pdf
Ref: 142Request for total operating budgets for your oganisation for 2016 and 2017 across all departments.20172017-142-Response-1.pdf
Ref: 143Safer Roads Partnership uses a PO Box number to contact them.20172017-143-Response-1.pdf
Ref: 144For the past 5 years provide a list of local groups who receive funding from the PCC for the provision of support to victims of rape and sexual assult and the amount of money provided.20172017-144-Response.pdf
Ref: 145The number of incidents recorded for workplace bullying lodged against the Police and Crime Commissioner.20172017-145-Response.pdf
Ref: 146Sale of Registration Number AB120172017-146-Response-Web-Version.pdf
Ref: 147Sale of Registration Number AB120172017-147-Response-Web-Version.pdf
Ref: 148Police and Crime Commissioner calling himself a Politician2017FOI-17-148-Response-for-Website.pdf
Ref: 149Sale of Registration Number AB120172017-149-Response.pdf
Ref: 150Spending by the PCC on Vicitims Services between 2009 and 201720172017-150-Response.pdf
Ref: 151Sale of Registration Number AB120172017-151-Response.pdf
Ref. 152Role of Chief Constable being replaced by Police and Crime Commissioner20172017-152-Response.pdf
Ref. 153Documental information leading to the decision to adopt Project Athena, including Deed of Variation20172017-153-Response.pdf
Ref. 154Request for copy of a briefing paper the PCC had at a recent meeting.20172017-154-Response-for-the-web.pdf
Ref. 155Request as to whether the PCC or DPCC attended the Conservative Party Conference in October 201720172017-155-Response-for-the-web.pdf
Ref. 156Information regarding details for Legally Qualified Chairs for misconduct panels.20172017-156-Response-to-Requester.pdf
Ref. 157Information regarding the Sale of Registration Mark AB120172017-157-Response.pdf
Ref. 158Request for copies of any communication between the PCC and former Leader of Shropshire Council and Representative of the British Ironworks Centre20172017-158-Response-to-requester.pdf