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F200Subject Access Standard Documents used by OPCCJan 202020.01.30 Response to Requester
F201Commissioning of any new buildings for West Mercia PoliceJan 2020Referred to West Mercia Police
F202Information on Drug Consumption Rooms / Facilities / Overdose Prevention RoomsFeb 202026.02,20 Response to Requester
F203Grants awarded in the financial Years 2017, 2018 and 2018-19 for Victims of StalkingFeb 202025.02.20 Response to 2020-203 WE2358
F204Details of PCC and OPCC staffFeb 202027.02.20 2020-204 WE2377 Response to Requester
F205Breakdown of past 3 years of Traffic Violations, Volume of Accidents and Stop Sign ViolationsMarch 2020Referred to West Mercia Police
F206General Election 2019 – Hate Crime CommentMarch 202020.03.31 Response to Requester
F207OPCC Submission Response to Strengthening police powers to tackle unauthorised encampments.April 202020.04.20 Response to Requester
F208Money spent by the Force on InterpretersApril 2020Referred to West Mercia Police
F209Vehicle Registered to West Mercia PoliceJune 2020Referred to West Mercia Police
F210Annual Holiday left unclaimed by Police OfficersJune 2020Referred to West Mercia Police