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West Mercia PCC: Discloser log

Responder to Request

Reference: WE10309




We confirm receipt of your Freedom of Information Request, in which you sought disclosure of the following:


* I require copies of all emails about the above incident between your police authority, the local fire brigade and any “press/radio stations” between the start of the incident for a twenty four hour period.

* A schedule of all activities relating to the incident in question.

* I require copies of all emails between yourself and any others concerning my original email/request for information from your first receipt of my email and 31 May 2024.

* The time the fire brigade vacated the site of the fire. The time the police vacated the site of the fire.

* The time/s the police and fire brigade declared the incident “over”.

* What is the law about obstruction of the public highway and whether or not “obstruction of a public highway” is an offence.

* On whose advice/request/instructions and why was the section of the M5 in question partially closed for so long after the announced reopening time of 09.45.

* Why the PCC for West Mercia police ignored my correspondence.


Our response to you is as follows:

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner does not hold any information in relation to the requests you have made. As has been clarified in multiple previous emails, the information you are seeking is primarily of an operational nature, which you would need to source from West Mercia Police.

The law that you ask about is not information that the OPCC holds. You may find this information via open source material online.

The OPCC did not ignore your correspondence, as is evidenced by our case files, where we have multiple emails that were sent to you. We do not have any other contact information for you.

If you are unhappy with this response, you have the right to take the matter up with the Information Commissioner.

Yours sincerely,

FOI Officer West

Mercia OPCC

Should you have any further enquiries concerning this matter, please write to the Information Compliance Unit; Information Compliance Unit, PO Box 55, Worcester, WR3 8SP. Email: [email protected]

Response Reviews.

If you think that the Police and Crime Commissioner has failed to supply information in accordance with the publication scheme, then you should write in the first instance, to the:

Chief Executive, OPCC – West Mercia, Hindlip Hall, Worcester. WR3 8SP

The PCC will aim to deal with your complaint within 10 working days. If you are dissatisfied with the response you can ask for the matter to be internally reviewed. Internal reviews will be completed promptly and a response given to you within 20 working days of your further request. If, after the internal review, you remain dissatisfied, then you can complain to the Information Commissioner (Office of the Information Commissioner), Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 5AF).