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Reference: 2024-379/WE09816
Date of response: 28th March 2024



The request concerns buildings and land owned/used by West Mercia Police, or by
yourselves for WMP’s use. For each of the last ten calendar years (January 1st 2014 31st
December 2023):

Q1) How many police buildings (and or land) have been sold? Please list them (and advise
what they were previously used for, for example if they were a police station or land used
for car storage) and advise how much they were sold for. If land only, please advise the

Q2) What buildings or land currently used or occupied by the GMP Force are currently up
for sale? Please provide a list.

Q3) Broadly, of the funds raised from building and land sales, what has this money been
used for?


Please see the responses to your questions.

Q1 Response.
The list below is of assets that were sold in the 10 year period in question.

Tenbury Wells Police Station – Sold for October 2023 for £218,000.
Pontesbury Police Station – sold in October 2022 for £240,000.
Whitchurch Police Station – Sold in December 2019 for £331,000.
Newport Police Station – Closed in 2015 – Newport sold for £320,000
Craven Arms Police Station – closed in April 2013 and sold in November 2014 – Was on
the market and sold for £150,000
Shifnal Police Station – Closed in 2015 and then sold for £135,000. Has reopened in part
of the former Police Station in 2022
Ironbridge Police Post – Closed in 2015 Offers were sought at £195,000 exclusive of VAT.
Peterchurch Police Station– relocated to Peterchurch Fire Station in 2019 – Guide price
was £200,000.
Ellesmere Police Station– Closed in 2019, reopened in 2022 in part of the former station.
Market guide price was £150,000.
Bromsgrove Police Station – Closed and relocated to the new Police and Fire building in
April 2014. Sale figure unknown.

Q2 Response.
With reference to what buildings or land currently used or occupied by the GMP Force
the answer is that there none on the market that are occupied or used by WMP.

Q3 Response.
Legislatively, the local Government Act 2003 sets out how capital receipts can be utilised,
either to fund additional capital expenditure or to offset capital debts. The PCC has utilised
capital receipts in year received to fund the annual capital programme, including
investment in the estate, fleet and other investments such as in technology infrastructure.

Yours sincerely,

FOI Officer

West Mercia OPCC

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